My name is Crystal Nadine Huguez.  I am a Chicana Artist living in La Puente California.  I studied Fine Art at CSU Fullerton.  As an aspiring mountaineer I hiked for 7 days in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains in 2015, and I am planning for a month long hike there in 2017.  Inspired by the landscapes I experience, I paint from location, my personal photos, sketches, and memory.  My work has turned to the wildlife of the San Gabriel Mountains.  I wish to communicate that the city interconnects with the wilderness, that the people have a connection to nature and may be empowered by it. 

-last update 2015-


Plein air paintings. gouache. approx 5 x 3 1/2 inches. 2013. 
I paint these at my local Regional Park. I love it here because it is local, yet still has many sites that are wild.  I try to keep these at about 45 min. I am studying sun light and colors found in nature. 

Plein-air work. gouache on watercolor paper.
relatively small & quick.  These studies help me to make quick decisions, study natural color & light, to apply to my personal paintings, & to my background painting aspirations. 2012

Pastel thumbs.  each approx 1 3/4 x 1 1/2".   from photo & out doors. Studying natural light &  color while thinking about story.  Looking for those unnamed neutral earth tones, with slight variations in an area,  & a few accents of saturated color. 

copies of animation bg's.  cel vinyl paint. thumbs approx 1 3/4 x 1 1/2". 
I'm concerned with value, describing space, & composition. 

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Self Portrait - Oil on Canvas. 18 x 24 in. 2010 - Sold

A small portrait in process. Sergio. 10 x 10 inches. Oil on Canvas.  2013

"Hilda's Gift". Oil on Canvas. 30 x 36 inches. 2009. - Owned.

Sold- "Allison". Oil on Canvas. 20 x 24. 2006.

"Pain on the Right ". Oil on Canvas. 16 x 20. 2007.- sold

Sold- "Tables Turn" or "Dennis" or "Hang the Dj". Oil on Canvas.
30 x 36 inches. 2006.

Sold- "Hilda with child". Oil on Canvas. 3 by 4 feet. 2005.

Sold- "Pleased to hear you're warm, I'm freezing", or "The Beathermit".
Oil on Canvas. 18 x 24. 2006.

Sold - "Two Friend's". Oil on Canvas. 2 x 4 feet. 2006.

SOLD - "Joy on the Left -Genuine Man". Oil on Canvas. 14 x 16 inches. 2006.

Sold - " Self Portrait". Oil on Canvas. 12 x 14 inches. 2007.

SOLD - "The Prize". Oil on Canvas. 12 x 14 inches. 2007.

"Aaron". Oil on Canvas. 2 x 4 feet. 2007. - Destroyed by Artist.

Sold - "Contrasting Couple" Oil on Canvas. 24 x 36. 2005.

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"Still life with Violin". Watercolor on paper. 18 x 27 inches. 2005. -sold

"It's your birthday" still life with cake. Oil on Birch wood pannel. 15 1/2 x 24 inches. -sold

"Still life with chair & globe" Oil on canvas. 10 x 14 inches.

Still life with birdhouse & skull. Oil on birch wood panel.
 15 3/4 x 12 1/4 inches.

"Still life with polar bear" Oil on canvas. 12 x 9 1/8 inches. -sold

"Still life with mouse" Oil on birch wood pannel. 13 3/4 x 12 3/8 inches.

"Still life with Bird". Oil on Wood. 12 x 15 inches. 2009. -Owned.

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"Chris and Deen". Gouach, Acrylic, Watercolor, Prismacolor on illustration board. 12 x 16 approx. 2008. -(sold)

 "Eat my Bones". Watercolor, Gouache, Acrylic, prismacolor on illustration board. 9 x 11 inches. 2008. -(owned)

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Above: Life drawings in wolfs carbon pencil - 2007    

       Costumed figure drawings. Wolfs Carbon on Newsprint. 2012    

Conte Crayon on Vellum.

Charcoal on tracing paper.

Fairly quick study in gouache.

below:  academic cast studies in pastel - 2005  

- last update 2015 - 


Here are some of my academic/foundational studies, which I continue today. 
When I finished studying at the university, I was left feeling unsatisfied with my program.  In the last few years I unofficially went back to school and have been seeking out the techniques (mostly in entertainment art studies) to strengthen my skills and personal work. Please also see my life drawings.  More to come!!  - (2014)

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Sold / Commission- "Spicy Cat". Oil on Canvas. 18 x 20 inches. 2008.
rendering fur is especially fun for me.

Commission- "Tommy Dog". Oil on Canvas. 18 x 20 inches. 2007. - Owned.

Sold / Commission- "Bandit Dog". Oil on Canvas. 18 x 24. 2008.

- last update 2015 -