Currently figuring out the plumage of my coyote.  colerase on transparent paper.  The drawing is ready to be transferred onto the canvas already in progress.  I'm feeling excited about him.  So little time.

The full drawing in process. wolffs carbon pencil on marker paper. I love energetic consistent mark making.  20 x 20 inches.  Unfortunately coffee was spilled on the paper.  I'm strongly considering transferring it to a nice rives rag paper and further rendering.  It might make a nice counterpart to the oil painting.  Drawing something over again while looking at my previous drawing, so that the resulting image truly belongs to me. 


Last stage of the drawing and it is ready to transfer.  I will place it on Arches 300 lb warm watercolor paper.  It's a bit difficult to photograph since the drawing is done with colerase on two transparent sheets.  The elements look a bit complicated, but it will clear up with addition of color, line variation, value and whatever signature stye I move toward.

I'm working on three layers.  Adding plant life to surround this coyote.  Using colerase pencil on Canson transparent paper.  Here is a progress shot.  More elements to be added. The clean drawing is  almost complete.  I plan to use watercolor & gouache, ...& perhaps some experimenting with color pencil/mix media.  

Another transparent paper placed over my initial rough drawing.  This is the clean up stage. Red colerase & black prismacolor pencil.  I am also mapping this guy out, as I plan to paint him in gouache.  This is a wip. More elements to be added!  I love canine.  I had the pleasure to study a couple semesters with Marshall Vandruff, an awesome animal drawing maestro. 


Colored pencil on grey strathmore paper.  A study for an oil painting.  This should make a nice compliment piece.  I enjoy when a "study" evolves into something that can hold it's own.  I've been reading Robert Henri for the first time; I'm working on enjoying the act of drawing, as well as taking pleasure in the visuals of what I am observing & creating.


I went to Blicks & picked up a few bottles of Daler Rowney Acryclic Artists ink.  Brush & inked these coyotes with plant life.  Very fun! on Strathmore grey paper. 


My second pass of the drawing on  a smooth canson tracing paper placed over my rough made with colerase pencil.  Soon I will began to do these on nice vellum paper so that my progress drawings can compliment the final piece. Smooth like butter!